Monday, April 27, 2009

Non-Kosher Sushi Ingredients

Kosher is one a safe way to eat and stay healthy which is why it is not only growing in popularity, but also why many New York sushi restaurants are beginning to offer kosher sushi. With the spread of the CDC Swine Flu and other illnesses, many are beginning to change their eating habits to a kosher lifestyle. However, being kosher means a responsibility to look closer at restaurants who claim to be “kosher”. In our last few posts we talked about what makes a real kosher sushi restaurant. However, we didn't discuss exactly what ingredients are considered non-kosher, or which ingredients we should stay away from.

As we discussed earlier, exposure to wrong type of handling can make any food un-kosher. However, here's a list of some non-kosher sushi ingredients to avoid:

-Barbecued Eel or Unagi
-Shrimp or Ebi and ama-ebi
-Octopus or Tako
-Squid or Ika
-Red Clams or Akagai
-Scallops or Hotate
-Crab or Kani
-Sea Urchin Roe or Uni

It's also important to know that no clams, oyster or lobster is kosher. Also, the dispute with sea urchins is that have spikes so why isn’t that kosher. Sea urchins have spikes but they don't have fins or scales and that’s a major difference.

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  1. Can you explain how sushikbar can distinguish for the customer between traditional style sushi rolls as compared to Americanized ones on your menu?