Monday, May 4, 2009

Utensils and Kosher Restaurants

You don't have to sit at home and eat dinner while watching Lifetime TV because you are too scared to eat out. When you follow a kosher diet, eating out can be nerve wrecking and stressful, especially when some so-called "kosher" restaurants aren't following the correct precautions to make sure their kosher preparation is up to par.

One new trend in kosher lifestyles is kosher sushi. But like any kosher restaurant utensils and serving plates should be just as important as the food. Here are two things to consider before eating out:

1. Storage is a key point when it comes to kosher eating and utensils. Different dishes should be stored separately depending on if they handle meat foods and dairy foods. However, the good thing about eating kosher sushi is that chop sticks, cups and plates are usually brand new so you don't have to worry about those issues.

2. A major ingredient in sushi is rice, which has been a huge debate in kosher eating. However, the simplest way to make sure rice is kosher is to ensure that the rice cook is being utilized in a kosher restaurant and that that rice cooker is only being used for rice.

3. Some details of washing dishes and utensils should be though about also. In strict kosher lifestyles dishes have to be washed in different dishwashers or separately to ensure kosher habits are strictly followed.

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