Monday, May 11, 2009

Brooklyn Sushi Restuarant Meets Technology

When food service meets technology, the possiblities are endless. At SushiK Bar we love to think out of the box and integrate technology with our services, making our Brooklyn Sushi the best in town. With the economy tanking, the internet booming and gas prices becoming almost "not worth" the commute... we listened to our customers and integrated online solutions to help you move forward.

Who could forget Sex and City's Miranda as she called had a takeout fix every weekend? She always called over the phone, now you can have sushi in New York without using a telephone, all you need is a internet connection. It's actually quite easy.

Step 1: Visit us online at click on our New Online Ordering link in the bottom right column:

Step 2: Fill out the form which allows you to enter your zipcoode (with wait times associated with each one) and request when you want your order (now, later, tomorrow or a later date):

Step 3: Choose your sushi takeout items from our menu and customize when needed:

Step 4: Checkout:

It's that easy and convenient. From Brooklyn Sushi to New York Sushi and even Kosher Sushi, Sushi K Bar knows it all. Get your sushi fix right here and don't forget to visit us online at The freshest Quality Sushi in Town.

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