Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sushi Excellence

At SushiKBar we strive to focus on creating Sushi that not only makes our customers happy and satisfied but will also make us proud. When we started in 2006 we knew hat we wanted to create the best sushi in the world. Of course, those are big dreams that we feel we are pretty close to achieving.

So how do we do it? We understand the importance of a few key points.

Creating great tasting food using the finest, freshest ingredients
This is probably one of our most important key points. Who wants sushi that's been frozen and re-processed? Sushi was made to simply fresh and delicious and we made sure that we have the freshest New York sushi.

Hiring the most skilled sushi chefs in America

Why? Well, when a sushi restuarant takes on the tasks of providing kosher sushi to its menu, that's something ver serious. People who follow kosher lifestyles expect the best when their food is prepared and we make sure we have a skilled chef that can understand and follow kosher living standards.

Designing food that looks magnificent – each piece of Sushi K Bar sushi is a work of art
This is the fun part. Whether it's a California Sushi Roll or a specialty straight from the chef, we believe in presentation. Our food looks so good, some people feel bad eating it.... but not for long.

Maintaining a dedication to excellence that would make the great sushi chefs throughout history proud.
We've seen it a hundred times. As time goes by, sushi education gets shorter and lower in quality. We make sure that we stay focused and keep learning regardless of what the new trends are, we remember that sushi is a part of history.

From Brooklyn Sushi to New York Sushi and even Kosher Sushi, Sushi K Bar knows it all. Get your sushi fix right here and don't forget to visit us online at The freshest Quality Sushi in Town.

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