Monday, April 6, 2009

About Sushi K Bar

Sushi K Bar, founding in 2006, started with a single location and the dream to "create the finest sushi in the world and bring to as many lovers of fine food as possible". As a result we know have 5 locations in the New York Area and many more on the way!

Our success started by simple understanding the importance of:

  • Creating great tasting food using the finest, freshest ingredients

  • Hiring the most skilled sushi chefs in America

  • Designing food that looks magnificent – each piece of Sushi K Bar sushi is a work of art

  • Maintaining a dedication to excellence that would make the great sushi chefs throughout history proud.

So get ready to learn more about Sushi from Brooklyn Sushi to New York Sushi and even Kosher Sushi, Sushi K Bar knows it all. Get your sushi fix right here and don't forget to visit us online at The freshest Quality Sushi in Town.

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