Monday, April 20, 2009

What Makes A Real Kosher Sushi Restaurant Part II

Last week in part I we discussed some serious requirements that a New York Sushi Bar that sells kosher sushi should be following. However, because of the sensitivity of Kosher Sushi, only a real kosher sushi restaurant would get it exactly right.

In part II of this article we will discuss more requirements of real kosher sushi.

Many Faces Of Nori

Nori, or seaweed paper, is a common sushi product that can have some serious kosher problems. The first is the fact that contamination of flavors can occur especially because some companies that produce nori like to add shrimp flavoring to the process. Even if the nori isn't flavored, there is a question on rather or not it has been produced along with flavored nori, which is non-kosher.

The second issue with nori is insects. Why? Well, depending on when the fisherman harvested the nori, infestation can be high or low. Even if you check nori by eye you can't tell what inscets are hiding between the thin layers. However, when eating so-called "kosher nori" make sure that lasers and a hechsher has been instrumental in getting rid of insects.

Righteous Rice?

Okay, we could talk about rice for 100's of blog post but the important fact is simple. In order for rice to be kosher a bishl yisroel, or an active Jew has to participate in the cooking. When eating kosher sushi in a sushi restaurant a simple question can clarify whether or not the rice is kosher.

Finicky Fish

Lastly, let’s discuss one of the main ingredients in sushi, fish. When speaking about fish as far as kosher terms, as long as fins and scales are present no other processing needs to be done. However, if the sushi restaurant soaks the fish in brine in order to pass is off as fresh, that can be a serious problem.

Moral of this 2 part series? Well, lots of details make a sushi restaurant kosher so don't be fooled. From Brooklyn Sushi to New York Sushi and even Kosher Sushi, Sushi K Bar knows it all. Get your sushi fix right here and don't forget to visit us online at The freshest Quality Sushi in Town.

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