Monday, April 13, 2009

What Makes A Real Kosher Sushi Restaurant Part I?

Sushi has really gained popularity among many people who are of the Jewish faith, however, they still follow specific rules when it comes to kosher cooking. As a result, Brooklyn sushi restaurants are beginning to adapt to this growing need by including kosher sushi options.

However, it's recommended that people who follow a kosher diet only eat at a kosher sushi restaurants like SushiK Bar. But what makes a sushi restaurant kosher? Well, they follow kosher sushi rules very strictly and are always aware of:

Wasabi Fakes
Wasabi is one of the rarest vegetables to grow so sometimes when you go to a restaurant it's not wasabi, it's horseradish or food coloring requiring a reliable kosher certification.

Soy Sauce Debacles
Okay, soy sauce is delicious. It's dark and salty is created by fermenting boiled soybeans. However, sometimes companies who create soy sauce also manufacture non-kosher products.

Rice Vinegar's Bad Rep
Rice vinegar is another tricky kosher ingredient. Not only because of the utensils used in its production, but also because of the non-kosher wine vinegar that can spread to other vinegars.

Lot's of details make a sushi restaurant kosher... don't be fooled! Stay tuned next week as we continue to go through what a kosher sushi restaurant should really know. And remember, from Brooklyn Sushi to New York Sushi and even Kosher Sushi, Sushi K Bar knows it all. Get your sushi fix right here and don't forget to visit us online at The freshest Quality Sushi in Town.

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