Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Your next healthy snack – Edamame

It’s always great to open any kind of meal with a tasty appetizer to get things going. Next time you’re in a Japanese restaurant, try and order an Edamame. The funny name simply means – soybeans. The soybeans that are used for edamame are picked green, before they ripen and are very easy to prepare. Edamame is the simplest way to cook soybeans and it’s done while they are still in their pod. The pods are steamed in salty water and served whole on your plate.

Now this is what’s going to happen next. You will take the edamame and put it between your teeth. Then squeeze them out of the pod. Don’t eat the hairy pod!!! If you like it, then you’re very welcome to make yourself edamame at home. They are great as an appetizer for any kind of meal, even as a snack along side a cool beer (or a healthy snack if you take out the beer) and maybe they will make you as happy as this guy:

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