Thursday, June 18, 2009

You say Sushi, I say Sashimi

So you decided to give sushi a try. You walk in a sushi place. You sit down. Look at the menu and it might as well be written in Japanese because you don’t know your sushi from your sashimi. Don’t feel bad. I love sushi, and I wasn’t better than you. And even though I eat sushi every other day, I still don’t know to read half of the menu.

It’s always nice to start a meal with hot Miso soup. It is a traditional Japanese soup, very simple and basic, just like your grandma’s chicken soup. Try and order a refreshing seaweed salad. It might not sound so attractive, but it’s really good. The crunchy watery seaweed is a fun appetizer that you’ll surely order again next time.

Now there’s sushi and sashimi and rolls and hand rolls – but there is no need to panic! Sushi is a fish, usually raw, served with, on top, under or inside special sushi rice. Sashimi is a fish, raw, and that’s about it. Now what’s the point of having sashimi? Well, if the fish is fresh, then sashimi can be quite a treat. The small, bite size sushi is called Maki, or a sushi roll. It is made out of rice, seaweed, vegetables and fish and can also come in the shape of Temaki sushi, hand roll, which comes in the shape of a large cone.

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