Friday, June 12, 2009

Advanced Kosher Sushi

Last week we discussed how to get the sushi off the plate. But the sushi goes through a long journey from the minute it leaves its place until it gets in your mouth. One stop for sushi is usually the soy sauce. Only a small amount of soy should be applied. Wasabi shouldn’t be applied into the soy sauce, because eventually, you will be eating soy/wasabi flavored rice. Place a little amount of wasabi on the sushi itself. Ginger should never get near the sushi. Not even under it. Eat a piece of ginger between your sushi to clear the taste. Don’t be shy. Put the entire portion in your mouth. Go ahead! Some places make burger size sushi so, I’m not asking you to physically challenge yourself. But just make sure that the fish touches your tongue. It is much better this way.

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