Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sushi Chefs gone Crazy! World’s funniest, weirdest and craziest Sushi Rolls

As much as tastes matters, a good sushi is also measured by looks and presentation. When you get yourself to a sushi restaurant, you expect more than a sushi in a box à la McDonald's. There are many ways to design and serve a roll and innovation is always welcome in the Japanese kitchen. Well, almost always.

We've gathered for you guys some unconventional sushi desgins. To tell you the truth, they don't really boost our appetite, but we'll let you decide. The first sushi, is the presidential sushi. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you the Obama Roll:

We know that many people would love to shake the President's hand, but we're not so sure about eating his face. Here's another interesting design, the Panda Sushi:

When the Panda is on the verge of extinction, eating a panda sushi might not be such a bad idea.

World's smallest sushi:

World's largest sushi:

World's most disgusting sushi:

I know that some people can't live without sushi but that's too much:

I had no idea that nerds eat sushi:

Lightsaber Sushi!

This one is American-Japanese fusion. It's called the Sushiburger:

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