Monday, August 3, 2009

White Rice Vs. Brown Rice

It’s funny how years ago the whole wheat bread was a poor man’s food. Today, we all know that whole wheat breads are much healthier than white breads, and grain bread is even more expensive now.

Same goes with rice. For years we’ve been eating just white rice and now there are so many kinds of rice to choose from. Two kinds of rice that are questionable are white rice and brown rice. When rice is being processed – its outer layer is removed from the grain. For white rice, there is a removal of additional layers and polishing of the rice’s grain.

So brown rice is more of a whole rice because you are left with the barn. Just like in breads – it’s mostly a matter of taste although white rice cooks faster as well.

So what’s the nutritional difference? Brown rice, like most whole grains, has more fiber than white rice and also contains extra goodies and vitamins.

Are you ready to make the switch? In a quality sushi restaurant you get order brown rice sushi. Try it. It may be funny at first, but many people who discover brown rice fall in love with its earthy taste.

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