Monday, August 17, 2009

Kampai! Have a glass of Kosher Sake

Sake is a famous Japanese rice wine. The traditional alcoholic beverage is found in many sushi bars and restaurants and the making of sake started hundreds of years ago.

The process of making Sake resembles the brewing of beer. Polished rice is soaked in water, boiled and steamed and mixed with yeast. After a couple of weeks the solid substance is removed from the sake liquid which than rests, matures and distilled with water.

Sake is served in a ceramic container and poured into small ceramic cups. Depending on how you like it – sake can be served hot, cold or at room temperature. You’d probably prefer hot sake during the winter, but you should know that quality sake looses some of its taste and aroma when served hot, so it is recommended to drink more expensive sake cold or at room temperature.

Sake can be kosher. There are is kosher sake available on the market such as Hatsukuru sake and although there is no rabbi present in this footage, we thought you'd be interested to know how sake is made:

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